Fall 2019 USUHS Newsletter and How to Get a Faculty Appointment

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Here is the newsletter:

Faculty Development Newsletter Fall 2019

The newsletter contains info on getting a faculty appointment, but here is an explanation recently sent out at NMC Portsmouth:

For those who help train USUHS students (medical students, NP trainees,
nurse anesthesia students, etc.), did you know that you are eligible for a
faculty appointment at USUHS? Why obtain a faculty appointment? If you
have an interest in academic medicine, a faculty appointment is an important
part of your CV. If you are going to make a career in academic medicine,
the longer you hold a faculty appointment, the better your chances for
faculty promotion. Outside the military, promotion equates to more salary
and is sometimes necessary to be considered for certain academic positions.

So how do you get one? First, you need to determine what academic “rank”
you are eligible for. See the Clinicians Flow Chart attachment, but for
most the deciding factor will be if you have routine versus random/episodic
teaching of USUHS students. Clinicians who regularly teach USUHS students
generally will qualify to become a Clinical Assistant Professor. Those with
intermittent, random or episodic teaching can be appointed an Adjunct
Instructor or Adjunct Assistant Professor.

To apply, you will need to gather the appropriate documents per the
appointment promotion checklist attachment. For example, to become a
Clinical Assistant Professor you will need:

– to complete the Online Faculty Appointment Application
– a CV in AAMC Format
– a letter of recommendation from the local department chair or
program director
– a command endorsement (this is usually brief, at the end of the
above letter of recommendation)
– complete a USU Form 107

This information is then forwarded to the appropriate USUHS Department POC
(see the dept POCs attachment) who then presents this for appointment to the
University. Subspecialists fall under the parent specialty (for example,
Ophthalmology would go to Surgery). More information is available at:

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