CDR Drew’s Consolidated Pay Audit Spreadsheets

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First you had Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep…over 5,900 downloads…4,329 are by my Mom…thanks, Mom…

Then you had Joel Schofer’s Fitrep Prep…over 1,500 downloads…1,234 are by my Mom…thanks again, Mom…

Now you have CDR Drew’s Consolidated Pay Audit Spreadsheets, which probably will not break the MCCareer download record because my Mom will not be downloading them.

One of the senior officers in my community, CDR Brendon Drew at NMC San Diego, used to be a pay officer and has been deep ­diving on the new consolidated pay plan. He’s created these Excel spreadsheets below for you to use when trying to audit your pay conversion and see if you are being paid correctly:

GME Physician Pay Audit

Staff Physician Pay Audit

Staff Physician Who Received ISP and ASP Summer 2016 Pay Audit

Please note the following:

  • These spreadsheets only work for physicians who were completely transitioned to the new pay system in FY 17. For example, if variable special pay (VSP), board certification pay (BCP) or any other legacy pay is listed on your September and/or October 2017 LES, these spreadsheets will not provide you with a reliable audit. Once you have “save pay” only on your LES for two straight months, then you can contact CDR Drew as detailed below for a pay audit.
  • Save Pay = “new pay” and can be a combination of incentive pay (IP), continuation pay, and BCP depending on what you qualify for.
  • CDR Drew’s strong recommendation is that you save your LESs for perpetuity. The DFAS/MyPay system will only let you retrieve them for the last year.

If you’d like help auditing your pay or have any questions about how to use the spreadsheets, contact CDR Brendon Drew (his e­mail address is in the global address book) with your LESs from July of 2016 through October of 2017. If you don’t have your old LESs saved, your audit will likely require some pay office (PSD, DFAS, etc) assistance.

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