BUMED Special Pays Update – 14 NOV 2017

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Here’s a BUMED special pays update I was forwarded by the MEC Chair at my command:

The DFAS payment delinquent issues have been communicated to the SG via Info Paper and elevated to the OASN (M&RA).  We are asking that ASN(M&RA) work with the Service M&RAs to raise the issue to USD(P&R).  We believe P&R can raise the issue with OSD(COMP), the reporting senior for DFAS.

As of 9 NOV 2017, there were 72 lists backlogged in the DFAS Defense Workload Operations System (DWOWS) dating back to 10 JUL 2017.  Thirty of those lists have been at DFAS for more than 30 days, which have increased the payment delays to four months.  Many of the lists are in a suspense status.  For example, a list could contain three different special pays (IP, RB, BCP), the DFAS clerk could process entries for RB and IP to be paid and have not yet processes the entries for BCP.  Further, some officers on the list may have had their pay processed while others are pending.

Additional personnel were hired at DFAS to help expedite processing the Medical Special Pays.  The new staff did not understand the intricacies involved with medical special pays, thus the good faith effort has not decreased the amount of time to process requests, and has led to some incorrect payments.

Officers with questions should first contact their Command Special Pays Coordinator for assistance.  If the Command Special Pays Coordinator needs further assistance with the officer’s question, they can e-mail or call the BUMED Special Pays Program office.  BUMED Special Pays Program office can only provide the date of an officer’s special pay request was submitted it to DFAS.  Once a request has reached DFAS, BUMED Special Pays Program office has no visibility of the request until after the pay has started.  New pays are reflected on the LES as SAVED PAY.

BUMED Special Pays Program Manager is at DFAS Cleveland this week to address the backlog, expedite the processing of special pay requests, and determine a workable solution to process the FY-18 Special Pays.  An update on the success of this trip will be provided in the next update.

The FY18 Medical Department Officers Special Pays NAVADMIN for active duty is expected to be release by mid December 2017.  Officers will have 30 days from the release date of the NAVADMIN to submit requests for special pays effective 1 October 2017.  Officers must meet the eligibility outlined in the FY-18 Special Pay Guidance.  All remaining officers not already under a consolidated special pay contract must submit a special pays request to transition from legacy special pay to consolidated special pay by 28 January 2018.

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