Latest Guidance on Extension Requests from the MC Detailers

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Here is the latest update we were sent on extension requests:

As always, the MILPERSMAN is our guidance for billet assignments. Here is our current interpretation of the MILPERSMAN regarding extensions:

Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis when the following conditions have been met in the specialty:

  1. Operational billets are all filled
  2. OCONUS/remote duty stations are filled with appropriate medical officers (can’t all be new-residency graduates)
  3. All CONUS billets are filled (no gaps)
  4. Desirable billets have been considered for members coming from undesirable commands
  5. Egregious Time On Stations will be viewed critically

Multiyear extensions will be considered in the minority of cases. Scenarios where they may be considered include:

  1. Two-year extensions for newly named directors or department heads for large departments
  2. Program directors per ACGME requirements
  3. Co-locations for the above two
  4. Small communities where no one wants to move
  5. Statutory retirement in 2 years

If you have any questions, contact your Detailer.

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