2018 GMO Billets Available Starting 11 SEP 2017

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Please see this note from the GME Detailer. Of note, I don’t have the list of available billets (but probably wouldn’t post it for OPSEC reasons even if I had it). I’d contact her if you need it (her contact info can be found here):

1. This notice is for ALL PGY1’s who intend to request GMO tours (do not have active applications submitted for GMESB consideration). If you have an active application in MODS, there is no need for you to take any action; merely wait for the GMESB to publish selection results in December…best of luck to each of you!

If you DID NOT apply, please pay attention to the steps below:

2. In order to secure PCS funding/estimate PCS budget, I am going to enter negotiations with PGY1’s (desiring GMO tours) earlier than normal.

  • Monday, 11 SEP 2017 starting at 0700 CDT you may call in to discuss available GMO billets ***again, this call-in time is ONLY for those people who DO NOT have a MODS application/are not requesting consideration for GME ***

3. Please review the attached list of downstream billets. Have at least 3 choices selected from this list prior to calling/contacting me (preferably not all in the same area/type billet). Do not request a billet you are not eligible for (for example, do not select a billet marked “2nd tour GMO”), it creates frustration for both of us!

4. If you have co-location or EFM concerns, please ensure your status is current/updated prior to negotiating orders; otherwise I will be unable to complete the detailing process with you. If you are unsure of your status, feel free to contact me.

*** This slight departure from previous PGY1 detailing will hopefully provide official orders in a more timely manner and also load balance the detailing phone calls. There will always be billets for people, so no one should be stressed about having a “home”. It is not mandatory to call on the 11th of September to request orders, but that will be the first available opportunity for PGY1’s to select follow-on GMO duty station assignments.***



Kayreen K. Gucciardo
Medical Corps Assignments (PERS-4415R)
GME Placement / GMO Detailer

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