Need Your Opinion on the Blog/Website

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The blog/website has been live for about 2 months now, and I’d love some direction on how things are going.  Do you like written posts or do you prefer audio/video?  Do you prefer pure audio or video podcasts?  Do you like shorter podcasts or are longer ones okay?  Are written comments essential or are audio/video podcasts alone sufficient?  Please send any comments you have to me with the “Contact Me” tab or by commenting on this post.  Please also take this poll:

2 thoughts on “Need Your Opinion on the Blog/Website

    Matt said:
    July 28, 2015 at 09:43

    I personally prefer the written posts simply b/c I can read them whenever (save them to the Pocket app for reading on public transport) , as opposed to the audio where I have to have a wifi/data connection and remember my headphones too. Also easier to reference back to as opposed to having to find the exact spot in the podcast to hear it again. Overall though, the blog is excellent. I’ve heard a lot of it in passing from a family member who is AD medical corps, and I have to say its all spot on and very useful for someone who is just starting out.


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