Application to Join Surgeon General’s Digital Vanguard Team – O4 and Below Only

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Here is a message from the Navy Surgeon General announcing this new techology initiative.  The application can be found here – Digital Vanguard Application Package.


From: Faison, C Forrest (Forrest) VADM USN BUMED FCH VA (US)

Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 3:28 PM


As you all well know, the technology landscape is rapidly advancing and fundamentally changing expectations and behaviors in all industries to include healthcare. As the military population rapidly adopts new innovations into their lives, there will be an expectation that their healthcare providers leverage these technologies in the delivery of care and as a means to improve health. Navy Medicine must look to enhance innovation and accelerate our velocity of learning if we are going to maximize health and readiness of a young and tech savvy population.

We need a sustained infusion of new ideas, experiences, and approaches from outside of the Military Health System and healthcare to meet our mission and build tomorrow’s leaders. To address this need, Navy Medicine is
establishing a “Digital Vanguard” of 75-100 junior enlisted and officer staff who will participate in various events to increase their situational awareness of emerging technology and how other industries are leveraging it and share their discoveries with the rest of our Enterprise. The expectation is that this cohort will serve as a distributed network of forward thinkers advising Navy Medicine leadership on how to capitalize on opportunities that new technologies can bring to improve health and readiness. I want to be sure you are aware and ask for your support as the group will be distributed throughout the enterprise and their participation will require a long term commitment across multiple commands. Expected participation is 10 hours a quarter as well as some TAD for training and education.

The BUMED Digital Health Office will liaison with you/your staffs and the Corps Chiefs to identify members for the group from across the various Corps. All applicants must have a command and Corps Chief endorsement. Costs for travel, lodging and fees associated with events will be funded centrally by the BUMED Digital Health Office. Travel logistic coordination will also be managed by the Digital Health Office to minimize any additional burden on our Commands. Applications are expected to be released in late September with final membership decisions completed by the end of November 2016.

My thanks in advance for your support in this endeavor.

Very respectfully,

C. Forrest Faison III, M.D.
Surgeon General, U.S. Navy
Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery