3D Marine Logistics Group Surgeon, Okinawa, Japan – O5/O6 – Summer 2017

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Anyone interested should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader.  You need to PCS in summer 2017 on 2 year orders.

The 3D Marine Logistics Group (MLG) Surgeon billet is an O-6 billet located in Okinawa, Japan.  The member will function as a special staff officer reporting directly to a 1-star Marine Corps General and their staff.  Their duties include providing advice on all matters related to healthcare of the MLG Marines and units they support both in garrison and deployed.  The MLG Surgeon has direct oversight of a number of General Medical Officers and Independent Duty Corpsmen and works with the 3D Medical Battalion CO to coordinate medical coverage of all operations and training evolutions across the Pacific theater.  The member will be expected to work cooperatively with other III MEF forces, the local Naval Hospitals as well as other host/guest nation military medical personnel.  The 3D MLG Surgeon is also responsible for ensuring the proper continuing medical education of all healthcare personnel assigned as well as basic medical instruction for Marines.

The ideal candidate is an O-5/O-6 preferably with the Fleet Marine Force Warfare designated AQD, motivated for a challenging executive medical tour providing oversight of healthcare for over 20,000 Marines.

As a member of the Commanding General’s Special Staff, the 3D MLG Surgeon is responsible to the CG, via the Chief of Staff.  The 3D MLG Surgeon’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Exercises staff responsibility over all professional and technical medical matters.
  2. Coordinates the medical activities of 3D MLG through the preparation of medical estimates, plans, and orders based on instructions and requirements from higher authority.
  3. Supervises medical services to include preventive medicine, sanitation, and provisions for the care, treatment, and evacuation of the sick and injured including combat and mass casualties.
  4. Monitors the deployment of all medical personnel and makes recommendations to the CG to ensure their maximum utilization within 3D MLG.
  5. Monitors the training of medical personnel and first aid training of Marines and Sailors.
  6. Coordinates requests for medical personnel augmentation.
  7. Coordination of the Navy Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer Program.

National Capital Region Chief Medical Officer Position – O6

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The position description is here.  Interested parties need to send their CV/BIO/LOI/OSR/PSR to their Detailer or Specialty Leader by 5 Jan 2017.  You need to be on-station in the National Capital Region summer 2017.

Chief, DoD Medical Exam Review Board – CAPT/CAPT(s)

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The position description is here.  This billet is located in Colorado Springs, CO.  The rank requirement is O-6 or O-6 select.  Interested parties must send their CV/Bio/Letter of Intent/OSR/PSR through their Detailer or Specialty Leader by 19 Dec 2016.

Special Pay Details and Request Templates

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The BUMED Special Pays site has been updated and now says this:

2 Dec 16: The FY17 NAVADMIN (262/17) was released on 1Dec16.  The attached FY17 Pay Plans are below, and explain the conversion and eligibility for the new Consolidated Special Pays.  All requests must be endorsed and emailed to the below email address along with any questions.


In addition, here are some templates one of the officers in my community got from BUMED yesterday:

Board Certified Pay Request

Board Certified Pay CO Endorsement

Incentive Pay Request

Incentive Pay Request – CO Endorsement


NATO Position in Budapest – CAPT(s)/CAPT Only

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Military Medicine Centre of Excellence Lessons Learned Branch Chief Position Description

The location for the position is Budapest, Hungary and the rank requirement is not waiverable.  Interested applicants should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader NLT 6 Jan 2017 and be prepared to report NLT 1 July 2017, although they prefer a June arrival.

The POCs for questions/inquiries about this position are CAPT Carlos Williams and LCDR Arcelia Wicker (both can be found in mail.mil global e-mail address book – I don’t post e-mails publicly to avoid spam).

Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps Position – O6 Only

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Here is the announcement for the Deputy Chief of the Medical Corps position.  It is available spring/summer 2017.  Interested officers need to submit their CV, military bio, letter of intent, OSR, PSR, and last three fitreps to the Medical Corps Chief’s Office at BUMED by 19 DEC.  Applicants need Detailer/Specialty Leader concurrence and must be able to PCS to BUMED in the above time frame.

Deadline Extended to 15 DEC – Director of Combat Casualty Care Research Program

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“Deadline Extended” is code for “no one applied or wants this job.”  It might be easier to get for an aspiring CDR, CDR(s), or even a senior LCDR.  Who knows.  Can’t hurt to ask.  Here is the original info on this position:

Director/Chair of Combat Casualty Research Program – O5/O6