Flag Aide to the Surgeon General Position – O4/O4 Select

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BUMED is soliciting for nominations for the position of Flag Aide to the Surgeon General. The position is open to any O-4 or O-4 select, and the candidate should be able to serve in the position for a minimum of one year although two years is preferred. Each candidate should submit a Bio/CV, and letter of intent that describes the candidate experience, aptitude, and motivation for the position. Packages are due to BUMED by 13 January, will be reviewed, and then interviews will be conducted with the top candidates.

If you are interested, contact your Detailer and/or Specialty Leader ASAP.

O5/O6 Position at National Defense University

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There is a nominative position for a O-5/O-6 physician. If you read the position description you'll see that you serve as a provider in their clinic for 1 year, and then you are a student for the 2nd year.  They are primarily looking for a primary care provider due to the duties required in the clinic.

Anyone interested should contact their Detailer or Specialty Leader no later than 15 February 2016.

O6 Position for an O4 or O5?

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The following position is still available, and since there are no interested CAPTs maybe a senior LCDR or CDR could sneak into it and significantly advance their career.  Contact your Detailer right away if you are interested.

DHA, Chief of the Clinical Service Section

0-6 or 0-6 (SEL), Report in Mid-MARCH 2016

One of three section chiefs in the Immunization Healthcare Branch.

The role of Clinical Services Section is to anticipate, assess, and mitigate existing and emerging vaccine preventable disease by:

–Providing expert clinical consultation and case management 24 hours/day, 365 days a year
–Providing comprehensive healthcare clinical support and patient advocacy
–Supporting management of pandemic emergencies
–Delivering best quality immunization healthcare information, educational resources, and training services on-line and on-site
–Monitoring and evaluating the safety of vaccines
–Contributing to the body of knowledge in immunization healthcare through public health investigations, surveillance, and clinical studies
Responsible for leading and managing the 37 Civil Service employees in grades GS-11 to GP-15 assigned to the Clinical Operations Office and the Education and Training Office. My staff works in seven locations scattered
across the United States.

Preferred speciality in Aerospace Medicine/Occupational Medicine/Preventive Medicine.
The focus of what we do in the Immunization Healthcare Branch is population health, not direct patient care.

More FY17 Promo Board Information

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Here is some more of the FY17 promotion board information I scared up from the PERS website for your perusal:

The FY17 Medical Corps Community Brief is a standard document updated and released every year and can give you some insight into what the promotion boards are looking for.

The FY17 Promotion Board Update Active Duty slides explain the changes in FY17 promotion boards.  We’ve already discussed the changes in the zone stamps, but the slides also mention a few other changes.

The FY17 Promo Board Precept explains the “rules of the road” for all the promotion boards.  You will find more detailed information in each board’s convening order, but those aren’t released yet and this still contains some general information about what promotion boards are looking for.

Start 2016 By Being Different – Be an Astronaut or Innovator!

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Welcome to 2016!  There a few “nontraditional” Naval opportunities that were recently advertised:

  1. Apply to become an astronaut.  The NAVADMIN that describes the application process for Naval officers is here:

Navy Astronaut Candidate Selection Program

  1. If you are an O4 or below and have an innovative streak in you, you can apply to be a part of the Chief of Naval Operations’ Rapid Innovation Cell:

CNO Rapid Innovation Cell Call for Members

MCCareer.org – 2015 in Review

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Happy New Year to all MCCareer.org users.  In 6 months, we got 11,000 views.  If you’d like to see the statistics, top posts, top commenters, and other similar things, see below.  Thanks for making this blog an impactful and valuable resource.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Promotion Board Changes

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The following is from a PDF document created by RDML(s) Swap, Chief of the Medical Service Corps, and adapted for the Medical Corps with permission.  Her unedited PDF is here:

Talking Points #33 AZ IZ Stamps


Promotion boards are an integral part of how the Navy identifies the best and most qualified officers to lead in the future. Promotions are an expectation of future potential, not a reward for past performance. Every Medical Corps officer plays an important role in developing our next generation of leaders to include preparation for promotion boards. It is incumbent on our senior MC officers to understand the promotion selection process and be familiar with changes to the system, so appropriate mentoring can be performed.


ALNAV 050/15 released on 12 June 2015 outlines new talent management initiatives introduced by the Secretary of the Navy. New initiatives include changes in officer promotion processes to ensure the best and most fully qualified officers are promoted with consideration for current abilities and talents, rather than placement in a particular promotion zone. Therefore, beginning in January 2016, Above Zone (AZ) and Below Zone (BZ) stamps on officer records will no longer be used for records reviewed on promotion boards. These stamps were indicators on the Officer’s Summary Record (OSR) that highlighted the officer’s status within the zone.


  • Beginning in January 2016, AZ and BZ stamps will no longer be placed on records reviewed in “the tank” (which is the promotion board room at PERS).
  • AZ records will be reviewed with In Zone (IZ) records as conducted previously, minus the AZ stamp.
  • A separate BZ review will still be conducted to review records warranting further consideration.
  • Any BZ record selected for further review will be added to the crunch records reviewed in the tank. All BZrecords identified for complete review will have no identifying BZ stamps and will be reviewed twice to ensure

    consistent appearance among all of crunch records.

  • Promotion zone eligibility will continue to be released via NAVADMIN in December of each year.


  • Removal of the AZ/BZ stamps from the board view is to ensure the selection of the best and most qualified officer and that officers are promoted with consideration for current abilities and talents, rather than placement in a particular promotion zone.
  • This initiative does not change the requirement for the OSRs to be stamped with “Letter to the Board”.
  • It is still the officer’s prerogative on whether to submit a letter to the board.
  • All officers should engage a mentor or senior leader to review their record prior to coming in zone, to identifyissues/challenges that may require attention.
  • If there are items in an officer’s record that need to be addressed/explained (regardless if BZ, IZ or AZ), it isrecommended that a letter to the board be submitted addressing the issue.
  • Officers who have previously failed to select may choose not to submit a letter to board if the record is in goodorder and has no items requiring attention.


These are my comments now, and not RDML(s) Swap’s.  First, I think this might make it a little easier to promote if you are AZ.  Second, it also might make it easier to promote if you are BZ.  In other words, don’t put off fixing your records just because you are BZ.  Make sure you go to Joel Schofer’s Promo Prep Guidance – 25 OCT 2015 and update your record if you are BZ, IZ, or AZ as soon as possible.