Spend Your FY20 CME and Board Certification/MOC Money Now!

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Due to COVID-induced limitations on travel, the Medical Corps has some remaining FY20 funds to support reimbursement of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) fees, Non-BSO-18 CME fees as well as board certification fees.  As these are FY20 funds, the requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the CME funding email address ( NLT COB 21 SEP 2020 and one must pay the MOC fee/take the exam/attend the CME event NLT 30 SEP.

COVID Grand Rounds Today at 1630 EST

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Sorry, but I just found out about this one, and it is today at 1630 EST. It is titled:

COVID-19 Therepeutics: “The 3-Legged Stool” Featuring Dr. Michael Joyner, of the Mayo Clinic

Details are in this PDF document.

Defense Strategies Institute Operational Medicine Symposium -22-23 JAN 2020 – San Diego

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Here’s a link to the conference website for those interested in operational medicine (which should be everyone reading this):

Free Clinical Resources

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Here are some free clinical resources recently sent out by the OB/GYN Specialty Leader, CDR Lamb:

Audio Digest Platinum

Lectures from over 350 meetings and 16 specialties that you can use to earn CME. It also has a dashboard of quiz questions for board preparation and self-assessment. It comes in an app so you can use it on your phone as well.

Here are some handouts:

Open Athens Account

This allows you to access free journal articles and textbooks away from work (on your home computer or phone). See the info below for information on how to set up an account.

Here is the link for self-registration for access to create an Athens account:

You now have the capability to self-register using the following email domain addresses:

If your email domain is not in the list above or if you are unable to use the self-registration process, please send me an email with your information and medical specialty/position and I will create an account for you. (Working with the vendor to update the website)

Select Navy Medicine Electronic Library as your library

Once you complete the self-registration process the system will send you an email from with a link to allow you to create a password for use with the system.

Passwords are case sensitive, between 8 and 20 characters long, and contain a mix of letters and non-letters. They cannot be the same as your username, contain ascending or descending series of characters or common patterns.

The system will send an email to your new email address with a link for you to click on to confirm your new address is correct.

You must activate your account by using this link included in the email from

Here is the link to logon to Athens

Here is the link in case you forget your password for your account. You
will need you username and the email account currently associated with your
account on the Athens system to recover your password.

After you have logon to the system, you can change your password and update
your email address information on the “My Account” tab.

Passwords are case sensitive, between 8 and 20 characters long, and contain a mix of letters and non-letters. They cannot be the same as your username, contain ascending or descending series of characters or common patterns.

Please update your current duty station, email address and phone # in the Global Address Listing so that we may contact you (if required).

Update Global Address List (GAL)

I would suggest that you bookmark these links in your favorites.

Any questions/problems or if I may be of additional service or support
please let me know.

Very Respectfully,

James H. Coyle, CSM
Program Manager – Navy Medicine electronic Library (NMeL)
Solution Delivery Division – Health Services Support

Defense Health Agency, Solution Delivery Division, Deputy Assistant Director
Information Operations/J-6 (DAD IO/J-6)

300 Convent St, Suite 1100, San Antonio, TX 78205
AECOM/URS Federal Services, Inc..
Support Contractor/Trusted Agent

Office Phone: 210-536-7108
DSN Auto Attendant: 761-1153 – Option # 1 then Dial: 536-7108
Email: james dot h dot coyle dot ctr at mail dot mil

Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Call for Abstracts and Presenters

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The 128th Annual AMSUS meeting will be held at the Gaylord National Harbor, 2­6 December 2019. The theme of this year’s AMSUS continuing education meeting is “Transforming Healthcare through Partnership and Innovation”. This meeting provides a neutral platform for military, academia, industry and civilian health professionals to share successful ethical, and optimal professional healthcare practices and research findings and outcomes.
The call for meeting abstracts including panel sessions, lectures and posters has opened and healthcare providers are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract to present the current and planned best practices of their clinics and departments. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Improving Health: The Art and Science of Medicine and Surgery – these clinically relevant presentations encompass the entire spectrum of care delivered by physicians, nurses, allied health personnel and healthcare extenders
  • Leadership in Healthcare, Global Health, Operational Readiness and Humanitarian Support – topics include but are not limited to leading during a changing healthcare landscape, global health, operational readiness and training of medical forces, natural disaster response, family readiness, patient transport and transfer
  • Trauma Care, Behavioral Health, and TBI – the latest research in trauma and casualty care, behavioral health and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Advances in the Delivery of Healthcare­ – these presentations highlight the
    increasing complexity of healthcare administration and business operations
    while providing leading edge solutions in areas such as: health IT, medical
    logistics, the business of healthcare, HR talent management and shared

Follow instructions for submission guidance attached. All abstracts must be submitted online by 3 June 2019 and are required to meet CME/CE accreditation standards to be accepted. Presentations should be free of commercial bias and approved through local COC and PAO.

Here are the forms:


USU Outreach in Tropical Medicine

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The Uniformed Services University (USU) Outreach in Tropical Medicine is CME approved and exploits the large amount of clinical care and public health practice relevant content of our graduate certificate in tropical medicine. It will be available this spring with remote access via Adobe Connect.

For those with interest, here is the CME activity brochure and learning objectives to help further describe the activity’s approach. Applicants who do not have .mil e-access must contact Dr. Brett-Major directly to become registered. His contact info is in the activity brochure.

How to Get Free Audio Digest

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Thanks to a colleague of mine, I recently learned that you can get Audio Digest for free. All you need to do is log into this link from a computer at a MTF:­

This registration page should acknowledge you’re in the Defense Health Agency.

Does this work from a USMC computer? Probably not, but I’m honestly not sure.

Call for Navy and Marine Corps Attendance at the 21st Century Battlefield Medical Care Symposium

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R 241240Z JAN 18





POC/LCDR KATHLEEN DAGHER/BUMED/M9/DSN:  761-1648/TEL:  (703) 681-1648/

RMKS/1.  On 14 - 15 February 2018, the Deputy Commandant, Installations and 
Logistics, the Medical Officer of the Marine Corps, and the Surgeon General 
of the United States Navy will host the 21st Century Battlefield Medical Care 
Symposium at the Gray Research Center in Quantico, VA.  This event will 
review lessons learned in Navy and Joint Medicine from Operation IRAQI 
FREEDOM and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and explore promising new ideas and 
technology to improve the treatment and movement of casualties in a future 
distributed operational environment and extend the Golden Hour.

2.  Day one of the event will feature military and civilian speakers, as well 
as panels, discussing battlefield medicine lessons learned from recent 
operations.  There will be representation from across the Department of 
Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Government with experts including providers, 
logisticians, planners, corpsmen, and medics.  Day two will focus on emerging 
medical technology and patient care.  A range of panels and presentations 
will provide a view into the future of medicine.  Speakers will include 
renowned futurists, ground-breaking and innovative physicians, as well as 
medical providers from a variety of fields.

3.  Anticipated attendees include Naval, DoD, and other Service medical 
professionals, industry representatives, civilian medical professionals, and 
academics.  There will be a range of emerging technology displays throughout 
the two days of the symposium to highlight and explain innovative approaches 
to medicine and technology as applied to future battlefield care.

4.  Marines and Sailors in commands and specialties where battlefield medical 
care is a critical consideration in their mission are encouraged to take 
advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the future of battlefield 
medical care in the 21st century by attending the symposium.

5.  Additional information including registration details can be found at:

6.  Released by Vice Admiral K. M. Donegan, Director Navy Staff.//


Conference Approval Made Easy

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As put out by BUMED, here are the steps you need to take for the new/updated/easier conference approval process:

  1. Check the Conference Approval Website (you need to pick your e-mail certificate on your CAC card) for the most current ‘Requiring BUMED Approval’ List.
  2. If the conference IS NOT on the list, commands are authorized to approve travel. The member only needs to route a TAD request as per local command policy.
  3. If the conference IS on the list, members are required to work through their Specialty Leader or Quota Manager to be approved per the BUMED Conference Approval Process (similar to before).

The new process is supposed to be much easier for everyone. The intent is to make it easy for anyone to attend a conference costing < $100K, while still maintaining cognizance of conferences > $100K (without recreating an administrative burden).

NOTE – This is a summary of the new conference approval policy. Please refer to guidance posted on the Conference Approval Website (you need to pick your e-mail certificate on your CAC card) for directive guidance.

Updated BUMED Conference Approval Process

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BLUF: The new Conference Approval Guidance is published on the conference approval website (CAC protected – you need to pick the e-mail certificate to logon).  With the exception of conferences >$100K and those listed as “requiring approval” on the BUMED website, approval authority for conference attendance is delegated to your Regional Commander or MTF Commanding Officer via local policy.  In other words, for most conferences except the really large ones you’ll just route a travel request via DTS like any other trip.

The new memo/guidance is here:

Updated Navy Medicine Conference Guidance – 21 APR 2017

The text from the website is here:


DoD has adopted a very expansive definition of “conference.” Conference is defined as “a meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, or event that involves attendee travel.” Events within the local duty station that do not require attendee travel (i.e. local conferences) may also qualify as conferences for the purposes of this guidance, if they involve: a commercial venue, multiple agencies and/or non-government participation, formal registration, have scheduled speakers, discussion panels, include ceremonies, and/or feature social events.

**The Navy Medicine Conference Information page is the source for all updates regarding conference policies, instructions, and guidance**

Conference Attendance

Navy Medicine (BSO-18) personnel desiring to attend a conference must review the list of Conferences Requiring BUMED Approval, prior to initiating a travel request. If the conference is on the list, the attendee is required to contact their Specialty Leader and/or the conference submission point of contact to request a quota. If the conference is not on the BUMED Approval Required Conference List, please review guidance under Approved Conferences for requests under $100,000.

*Note: If a conference is not on the list, but you expect it to exceed $100K, please contact the BUMED Conference Approval office.* (

Non BSO-18 personnel (i.e., Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, etc.) are not subject to the requirements of the Navy Medicine conference approval process and should seek funding through their designated funding authority. However, if receiving funding from a BSO-18 entity (i.e., Navy Medicine Professional Development Center), personnel are subject to the requirements of this policy.

Conference Request Deadlines

  • Non-DoD Hosted Conferences:
    • For conferences with a total cost less than $100,000, approval is delegated to the attendee’s Echelon III Commander or Echelon IV Commanding Officer. Personnel should follow local travel policy guidelines and/or procedures.
    • For conferences with a total cost of $100,000-$500,000, Chief, BUMED is the final approval authority. All requests must be submitted to the BUMED Conference Approval Office no later than (90) days prior to the conference start date.
    • For conferences with a total cost greater than $500,000, SECNAV is the final approval authority. All requests must be submitted to the BUMED Conference Approval Office no later than (180) days prior to the conference start date.
  • DoD/DON Hosted Conferences:
    • All requests to host a conference must be submitted to BUMED (180) days prior to the proposed conference start date. Chief, BUMED is the approval authority for hosted conferences under $500,000. SECNAV is the approval authority for hosted conferences over $500,000.

Approved Conferences

  • For requests under $100,000:
    • Approval authority is delegated to the attendee’s Echelon III Commander or Echelon IV Commanding Officer.
    • Approvals should be managed like a TDY/TAD and include approved travel orders. Requests must be reviewed by the servicing legal office for concurrence. Include the updated Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form (available in the Policy & Guidelines section of this page), signed by the traveler and designated approval authority.
  • For requests $100,000-$500,000:
    • Once a conference has received BUMED approval, the approved attendee roster is the only list of personnel authorized to attend a conference. In order to initiate orders, personnel are required to submit the approved attendee roster, the BUMED approval letter, and the updated Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form to their travel coordinator.
  • For requests over $500,000:
    • Once a conference has received SECNAV approval, the approved attendee roster is the only list of personnel authorized to attend a conference. In order to initiate orders, personnel are required to submit the approved attendee roster, the SECNAV approval letter, and the Navy Medicine Travel Mission Criticality Attestation form to their travel coordinator.

Approved requests are funded by the command of each requesting attendee or by the command requesting to host a conference. All costs must be paid from an activity’s existing budget authority.

**NOTE: Final approval for attendance is subject to command authorization based on funding availability and mission criticality.**