FY24 O4 and O5 Promotion Opportunities

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You can find the promotion opportunities on page 2 of the convening order, usually released shortly after the promotion boards convene. Here are the promotion opportunities for FY24:


  • Dental Corps – 94% (up from 89% last year)
  • Medical Corps – 95% (same as last year, the maximum permitted)
  • Medical Service Corps – 94% (up from 90% last year)
  • Nurse Corps – 85% (up from 75% last year)


  • Dental Corps – 95% (up from 80% last year)
  • Medical Corps – 94% (up from 90% last year)
  • Medical Service Corps – 62% (up from 60% last year)
  • Nurse Corps – 80% (up from 70% last year)

Remember that these percentages ARE NOT the percentage picked in zone. Here is a refresher on how promotion board math works.

Here are the convening orders below, and I already used the O6 one to find the changes for FY24, which you can read here.

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