Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) – CAPSTONE for MHS Leaders Course (Virtual)

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Who: Senior Medical Officers (O-6, O-6 selects or high-potential O-5 officers)

What: Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute (JMESI) – CAPSTONE for MHS Leaders Course

When: July 10-13, 2023 (Virtual – only 6 seats for Medical Corps)

Course Description: The Capstone Course is designed to be a pinnacle event for recently assigned senior military treatment facility commanders, lead agents, and senior medical department officers in key staff positions who will benefit from exposure to and familiarity with entities that shape the MHS. The course provides participants with exposure to the operations of the various organizations within the Department of Defense, pertinent congressional staffs, and the offices of the three Surgeons General. Participation in the Capstone Course will enhance the understanding of how national healthcare policies are formed, and by whom, and how they are implemented and put into operation.

Additional details and objectives can be found here:

Prospective applicants should send a CV, BIO, and current position, work address, work email address and phone to CAPT Shauna O’Sullivan and CDR Robyn Treadwell NLT 1200 EST Monday, May 22, 2023.

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