Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute (DMRTI) – Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course

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Who:  Senior officers who have a potential nomination as a JTF Surgeon or JTF senior medical leader

What:  Joint Senior Medical Leaders Course (JSMLC)

When:  24-28 July, 2023 (In-person – Medical Corps is allowed 3-4 seats)

Where:  DHHQ, Falls Church, Virginia (funded by applicant’s command)

Course Description:  JSMLC is a five-day, CLASSROOM-ONLY course designed to enhance preparation of medical leaders (senior O-5s to O-6s) who have a high probability of being named as a Joint Task Force (JTF) Surgeon, JTF senior medical leader, or occupy a senior medical planning position in a joint environment. In addition, the course would be valuable for those serving in senior departments, training, and preparing forces for joint operations and deployment.

Course Prerequisite:  11 on-line modules found at the link below and completed on JKO.

Additional details here:

The nomination process has changed.  Prospective applicants should complete the attached form (DRMTI COP1) and email it directly to NLT May 19, 2023.  Questions can also be directed to or 210-221-9231.

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