Funded TAD to Teach Pre-Meds How to Suture

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We have an exciting recruitment opportunity to send approximately 45 physicians to teach premedical students about the basics of suturing.  Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) is requesting physician volunteers to attend the following four events around the country to work with between 100-300 students and teach them skills of suturing and speak to them about Navy Medicine.  You do not need to be an expert on suturing or the details of the Navy scholarships but should be competent to teach students various techniques of how to suture.  Basically, if you are not someone who does it regularly, please brush up on your skills before attending. 

This is a FULLY FUNDED opportunity, meaning your command does NOT have to pay for it.  As long as you can get the time off, NRC will be paying for your travel and TAD.  Volunteers more local to the area will have priority to cut down on costs but anyone can volunteer.  Officers can volunteer for as many of these events as they would like, pending approval from their leadership to be away from the command. 

The event dates/locations are as follows:

o   Midwest Region: Chicago, IL                                January 21, 2023

o   Southeast Region: Atlanta, GA                            February 4, 2023

o   Northeast Region: Philadelphia, PA                 February 11, 2023

o   Western Region: Los Angeles, CA                       February 18, 2023

Please disseminate this information to your communities as this is a unique opportunity for physicians to work with premed students around the country and speak about their experiences in Navy Medicine.  Volunteers should email CDR Jennifer Engkulawy (contact in the global) if they are interested and which dates/locations they would like to attend.  Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your day. 

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