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Here’s some info I thought you might find useful or interesting that was sent to me:

eNavFit is not changing how performance is evaluated, it is just streamlining the process behind reporting. Despite being an interim change, eNavFit boasts many benefits for the Navy and its Sailors including electronic routing and submission, digital signature, validation and CUI/PII reductions.

There are 4 roles:
Rater (R), Senior Rater (SR), Reporting Senior (RS), and Trusted Agent (TA) – generally Admin Officer/Senior Admin staff; you may have more than 1 trusted agent. The Trusted Agents are like your Command Leave Administrators, they are designated in writing by the RS. They will have the ability to see all correspondence being reported on a Sailor’s performance in eNAVFIT, and be able to make adjustment and administrative changes, but will not have signature authority. All other roles will have the usual responsibilities.

If a command completes individual “appraisals” the TA gets to see it once the RS is assigned; similar appraisals that meet the same criteria, i.e., ending date, paygrade or type of report will automatically roll up into that summary group once created – in this regard, eNAVFIt will ensure appraisals for personnel TAD, recent check in, etc., are not forgotten and are added to that summary group, the TA will also ensure accuracy.

Helpful Hints
– Sailors need to update their email addresses in BOL to their official NAVY EMAIL ADDRESS – this helps the eNavFit notification and search features to function properly.
– BOL will timeout after being idle for approximately 15 minutes. Users operating eNavFit will need to stay active in BOL or will be forced to login again.
– Navigation note: When starting an appraisal or summary group, users can use the “next” or “back” buttons or click on the tab names that are at the top of the screen (Your Information, Reporting Senior, Summary Group, Members, Reviewers, etc.). When reviewing an appraisal or summary group, users can click on the tabs on the left-hand side to navigate through the various sections of the appraisal.
– eNavFit will highlight errors in red, and if all information is entered correctly, will show in green. This will help to ensure accuracy.
– Additional reviewers can be added, based on specific command structure. See the user guide for detailed instructions.
– The eNavFit interface allows the user to input the DODID or email address (must be in BOL) in the field when searching for members to add to a summary group.
– When searching for an Admin Assistant (Trusted Agent), the name must be entered as: Last Name First Name without a comma, and with a space between the Last Name and First Name (i.e. “Smith John”).
– When a member is verifying/reviewing their appraisal, the interface allows the user to enter any missing information and provides input descriptions that correspond to the EVAL/FITREP form blocks as hover-over text.

BUPERSINST 1610.10E is being updated to reflect changes that will accompany the deployment of eNavFit as well as training materials such as a User Guide, Tutorial Videos, and Quick Reference Cards. Additional information can be found at:

Videos below and attachment are other source of information.

Vid 1
Module One: Understanding The Essentials

Vid 2
Module Two: eNavFit Accessing the Interface

Vid 3
Module Three: eNavFit Reporting Senior Acknowledgement

Vid 4
Module Four: eNavFit Appointing a Trusted Agent

Vid 5
Module Five: eNavFit Online Summary Group Creation

Vid 6
Module Six: eNavFit Routing Reports & Reviewer Inputs

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