FY23 Promotion Board Dates, Zones, and Continuation Policy

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This NAVADMIN gives you the zones for the FY23 promotion boards. The combined O4/O5 board will occur on 2 MAY 2022 while the O6 board occurs on 8 FEB 2022.

What is the easiest way to figure out where you are in the promotion board zones? The MC lineal list Excel spreadsheet that spells out the zones is posted on the MC Sharepoint. Or if you are MC or DC you can use your date of rank and look at page 5 of the Promo Prep because we are DOPMA exempt. NC and MSC need to use the zone NAVADMIN or their Corps’ lineal list spreadsheet.

Finally, the continuation policy that governs whether you can stay on Active Duty if you are not promoted is in this NAVADMIN. There were no changes for MC or DC from last year’s policy, but the Community Managers said this when I asked them if there were any other changes:

“NC added 1920 (Maternal/Infant) to 2xFOS LT Continuation.  MSC made several changes to eligible specialty list for 2xFOS LTs:

-All MSC clinical specialties with a 1xFOS LT are included in the FY23 plan.  Last year, the only clinical specialties were Physician Assistant, Clinical Psych, Social Work, and Podiatry.

-No HCAs are included in the FY23 plan.  Last year, a couple of HCA specialties (HFPPO and Operations Analysis) were eligible.

-All MSC science specialties (except Aviation and Operational Physiology) with a 1xFOS LT are included in the FY23 plan.  Last year, some over-manned/healthy specialties were excluded (i.e. Aviation and Operational Physiology, Entomology, and Microbiology).”

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