SG Video – Support to Navajo Nation

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Esteemed Colleagues, 

Last week, Force Roberts and I had the honor of traveling to the Navajo Nation to see our Navy Medicine Rapid Rural Response Teams embedded and integrated with local medical facilities in three locations across Arizona and New Mexico.  Our shipmates are doing a superb job supporting the DSCA mission as part of the whole-of-America response to the COVID pandemic.  The Navajo caregiving teams they have joined praise their expertise, their can do spirit and their compassion. During my visit, I also saw first-hand the damage this virus is doing to people’s lives and families.  This disease is deadly.  When Sailors or Marines go into battle, they are armed.  In this war against this vicious and unrelenting adversary in which we are on the front lines, getting vaccinated is our armor and our best offensive weapon.  I recognize that getting the vaccine is an individual decision. If you have not gotten it, please reach out to your trusted medical professional and discuss your concerns so that you are making a fully informed decision. The life you save by becoming vaccinated may not only be your own, but that of your shipmates and those of your family members. 

Please click on one of the links below to watch the video message, and as always, THANK YOU for all you do to project medical power be it for Naval superiority or on behalf of our fellow Americans.

Video Message:

— To watch the video on a Government Computer, click here:

— To watch the video on another electronic device (such as a cell phone or non-YouTube blocked computer), click here:

With my deep gratitude,


Bruce L. Gillingham, MD, CPE, FAOA
Surgeon General, U.S. Navy
Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

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