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Terrance Odean is a professor of finance at UC Berkeley. His Vimeo videos are from an online personal finance course he taught titled “Making Smart Financial Decisions.” I’ve watched 15 or so of them, and they are about 10 minutes long, high quality, and educational. If you are looking for a financial education check them out here:


Here are my favorite articles this week:

3 Financial Lessons From Covid-19

Academically Verified Investment Strategies that Failed

Massive Deficits and Historical Investment Implications

Refi or Not?


Here are the rest of the articles:

5 Financial Stages of Life

5 misconceptions I had about ETFs

6 Tips on TIPS

12 Things to Know About the TSP L Funds

A Story of Residency Homeownership

How to Find College Scholarships to Help Your Child Graduate Debt-Free

How to Use an Emergency Fund Without the Stress

How to Use Real Estate to Pay for College

Minimizing Regret

Risking My Life on Annuities

The Definitive Guide to the All Weather Portfolio

The Economics of Home Ownership

The Good Advisor

The Hardest Investing Questions to Answer

The Most Counterintuitive Recession Ever

The Pros and Cons of Miniscule Savings Account Yields

The Three Biggest Obstacles That Prevent You from Succeeding

Which Investments Benefit From a Weaker Dollar?

You Can’t Make Your Great Grandchildren Rich

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