Finance Friday Articles

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Here are my favorites this week:

Target-Date Funds Are Performing Well. But Choosing One Can Be Harder Than You Think.

Three Pathways to Wealth

What’s the Best Diversifier for Stocks? counterbalanced by Do Treasuries Have a Place in a Modern Portfolio?

Why Your Money-Market Fund Isn’t as Safe as You Think


Here are the rest of the articles:

5 Tax Benefits of Investing in a Syndication

5 Thoughts on a World with No Yield

5 Ways to Retire With $5 Million by Age 55

7 Ways For Physicians to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month

Active vs Passive Real Estate Investing

Asset Allocation Beyond the Zero Bound – Japan has had zero rates for 20 years. Here is what seems to have mattered for investment outcomes.

Best Passive Income Ideas for 2020

Covid-19 and Physician Burnout: How I Turned My Plank Into A Runway

Everyone Who Thinks the Stock Market Is a Game Loses

Explaining the 2020 Stock Market

How Low is Your Passive Income Tax Rate? The Taxes on Passive Income Streams

How to Fix Your Financial Problems

Investment Return vs Savings Rate: Designing Your Portfolio Pt 2

It Depends

Keep Your Distance

Jack Bogle Was Wrong About ETFs

My Thoughts on the “Passive Investing Bubble”

Tax-Efficient Investing and Asset Location

The Importance of Investing Money in Residency

TL;DR: The Best Finance Books in One Sentence

Two Reasons to Worry

Using an All-in-One Fund During a Downturn

Why Rebalancing (Almost Always) Pays Off

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