More TSP Lifecycle Funds and Finance Friday Articles

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Starting July 1, 2020, you will have ten Lifecycle (L) Funds to choose from instead of the five currently available. They’re adding the additional L Funds so that the target dates will be separated by only five years instead of ten, allowing you to more precisely target the time when you think you’ll need your money. Six more L Funds will be added, and the L 2020 Fund, having reached its target date, will be rolled into the L Income Fund. See the fact sheet Additional Lifecycle (L) Funds for more information.


Here are my favorites this week:

A Thrift Savings Plan Update

My Real Estate Performance in the Coronavirus Era

The Six Big Money Items You Should Do as a Resident

The Three Sides of Risk


Here are the rest of the articles:

5 Personal Finance Truths for the Military

Averting My Gaze from the Stock Market

Divvying Up Dollars When You Have a Surplus

How to Optimize Your Money in Retirement

JP Morgan Guide to Retirement

Love Your Job? Why You Should Still Pursue Financial Independence

Massive Up and Down Moves in Stocks in the Same Year Are More Common Than You Think

The Road Back

The Story of Stocks and the Three Bears

Tips for Dealing With Your First Market Downturn

Vanguard and Fidelity investors didn’t flinch as the market tanked

Vanguard Total Stock Market Mutual Fund vs ETF: What’s the Real Difference?

What Percentage of Your Current Income Will You Need in Retirement?

Where the Private Real Estate Market Stands Six Weeks Into COVID-19

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