SG’s Op Order – Medical Power for Integrated Naval Superiority

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Navy Medicine Shipmates,

In early November, I issued my SG’s Day One guidance and outlined how Navy Medicine will optimize to project medical power in support of Naval Superiority. I also promised that I would provide more detailed guidance on each of my priorities and the steps that we will take to build the Navy Medicine that our Nation needs to ensure that we prevail in any future fight. Attached you will find my operational order that describes the ideal end state for each of Navy Medicine’s priorities and charts the course that we will take to achieve these outcomes. I have also included a graphic version of these priorities for your reference and to help you carry the conversation to your work center. As a member of the One Navy Medicine team I am counting on your leadership, influence and personal commitment to help breathe life into these initiatives and bring them to full operating capability.

Thank you for your tireless efforts, professionalism and dedication to our Navy and Marine Corps team. I look forward to getting your feedback and seeing you on the deck plate.

-SG Sends

(Here is a link to a PAO summary of the OPORD as well.)

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