Deputy Command Surgeon, USAFRICOM – O6

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SUBJECT:  Request Nominations for Deputy Command Surgeon for Headquarters
(HQ) U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM)

1.  HQ USAFRICOM’s Deputy Command Surgeon is projected to depart May 2020. Request you nominate your most highly qualified officers to fill this highly visible, nominative position.  The following data is provided to assist you in your selection of a fully qualified nominee:

a. Rank: O-6
b. Occupation Specialty: Medical Position/Corps Non-Specific
c. Joint Position #: 00080853
d. Clearance: TS-SCI
e. Education:  Board Certification preferred; Senior service school/professional military education appropriate for service, and graduate education/certification appropriate for AFSC/MOS/ODC
f. RNLTD:  31 May 2020
g. Experience: Previous joint or service component staff experience; previous international or interagency experience; and O-6 level command experience preferred
h. Must have/obtain an official passport

2.  Duty description:  Serves as the COCOM Deputy Command Surgeon, responsible for managing and supervising the daily activities of the Command Surgeon’s Office. Advises the Command Surgeon on all health service support activities and policies for the employment of theater medical resources. Serves as the Command Surgeon during his/her absence.  Directs the Command medical operations cell (MOC) during crisis/contingency.  Leads surgeon staff to provide medical threat assessments and preventive medicine guidance, develop medical input/annexes to the COCOM’s campaign plan, CONPLANs, orders, and theater security cooperation/engagement plans, as well as to design, employ and manage other health service support and patient movement policies and requirements (Theater evacuation policy, theater
health service support plans, development and execution of force health protection policies and requirements.)  Coordinates and integrates service component health service support. Coordinates with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, other COCOMs, combat support agencies and service representatives to shape policy, fill requirements and optimize
resources/effects. Synchronizes with the U.S. Government interagency, international agencies and nongovernmental organizations.  Coordinates with, tasks and supports four service components staffs, one joint task force and the theater special operations command to meet CCDR’s objectives.  Maintains oversight of training and implementation of Command Surgeon policies and procedures.

3. Nominations should be submitted NLT 1 Nov 2019 to CDR Melissa Austin (contact info is in the global).  Packages must include biography, career/officer record brief (OSR/PSR), five (or
three years) of the most recent evaluation reports, and photo.  If included, letters of recommendation must be addressed to Commander, U.S. Africa Command, Unit 29951, APO, AE 09751.

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