PCS Move Improvements

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I know no one wants to read a NAVADMIN, but this one details some pretty good changes for those PCSing:



R 171240Z JUL 19









RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN provides Sailors and their families with information 
to assist in planning and executing their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) 
moves and provides information regarding upcoming improvements to the PCS 
process and introduction of new tools.

2.  Sailors can reduce out-of-pocket expenses during a PCS move by taking 
advantage of the travel entitlements available to them in advance of their 
move.  Travel advances are designed to assist Sailors with PCS travel 
expenses.  This includes funding assistance for mileage, meals and lodging.  
If you are about to make a PCS move, talk to your Command Pay and Personnel 
Administrator (CPPA) to help you decide if a travel advance is the right 
thing for you and your family.  Special consideration should be given to 
those moving to an overseas duty station or to a location with a higher than 
average cost of living.

3.  Spouse Licensure Reimbursement allows spouses to have certain employment 
licenses or certification costs reimbursed up to $500 when necessary as a 
result of a PCS move.  See NAVADMIN 134/19 for more information.

4.  Additional PCS move improvements are coming in three phases:
    a.  Phase One (July 2019).
        (1) MyPCS Mobile is a mobile-enabled website accessible on personal 
and work mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.
Available now, this tool provides additional flexibility and access to a 
personalized checklist tailored for an individual Sailors PCS move as well as 
the ability to opt-in and immediately get on the waitlist for government 
housing and childcare services at their new duty station for those Sailors 
under Active Duty PCS orders.
Sailors can generate their checklist online at any time and tasks are listed 
chronologically to improve the overall experience for Sailors and their 
dependents.  If a Sailor does not have a set of Active Duty PCS orders 
presently, they can still explore the functionality of the checklist through 
an on-line demonstration of the capability on MyPCS Mobile.
        (2) Sailors will be able to login to MyPCS Mobile at any time through 
the Navy App Locker at https://www.applocker.navy.mil or MyNavy Portal (MNP) 
website at https://my.navy.mil.  MNP will have quick links available on the 
homepage Sailors can use to login to MyPCS Mobile and save the website as a 
favorite on the browser of their choice.  By downloading the Navy App Locker 
for either Android or Apple devices, Sailors can quickly access the MyPCS 
Mobile and other Navy-sponsored content.  Sailors can access the MyPCS Mobile 
website without a Common Access Card (CAC), using commercial grade Multi-
Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials for security.
        (3) To set up CAC-free access, log into MNP on a CAC-enabled machine.  
Your name should appear at the top of the page.  Click on your name, select 
my account, then select the instructions for CAC- free setup.  Follow the 
steps for either Apple iOS or Google Android to authenticate your identity 
under the instructions tab.  NOTE:
This is a one-time event and allows the user to establish their secure MFA 
account to log into the CAC-less applications or websites.  The mobile device 
of the user must have access to either WiFi or cellular data services to 
complete the process.
        (4) PCS Entitlements Calculator is a tool to assist Sailors budget 
for travel-related PCS expenses and it will be available on MNP with a 
release date outlined in an upcoming NAVADMIN.
    b.  Phase Two (August 2019)
        (1) A new format for PCS orders called lean orders will be released 
in early August and available in MyPCS Mobile and on MNP for Sailors on 
Active Duty PCS orders.  This is a streamlined, simplified and plain language 
orders format, providing Sailors and their families everything they need to 
know to execute a move on a few screens on a mobile device.  The full text 
orders will also be available.
        (2) In early August, some Sailors who have a government travel charge 
card (GTCC) will have the option to participate in a pilot program to use the 
GTCC for all PCS related travel expenses (in lieu of obtaining a travel 
advance).  Specifics on this new option will be outlined in an upcoming 
    c.  Phase Three (September 2019).  Sailors will be able to complete a 
fully electronic travel voucher using MyPCS Mobile on their mobile device.  
Sailors will be able to upload receipts, complete a voucher that has been 
prepopulated with basic information, electronically sign and provide it to 
their CPPA for final processing.

5.  These initiatives are just the beginning to Navy fielding a modernized 
PCS move process that makes the overall customer experience better for 
Sailors and their families.

6.  Contact MyNavy Career Center at 833-330-MNCC/6622 or via e-mail at 
askMNCC(at)navy.mil with any issues or to provide feedback.

7.  Released by Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr, N1.//


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