Tell Me What You Wish You Had Known

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The first chapter of the planned book is “I Wish I Had Known”. Let’s write it!

Reflect on your career and tell me what you wish you had known when you were younger, more junior in rank, and (in my case) had more hair. You can tell me using the contact me tab, Tweet me, Facebook me, contact me on LinkedIn, or post it in the comments below this post. If I like your suggestions, you’ll get credited in the chapter. In fact, if you contribute enough you might become a co-author!

One thought on “Tell Me What You Wish You Had Known

    MJ said:
    March 12, 2019 at 20:16

    FITREP bullets don’t matter. It’s the things in ALL CAPS—the bumper stickers that hold weight. Everyone saved millions, led hundreds and revolutionized a more efficient process. But what was the CO willing to say in caps?

    Your superiors don’t always know what they are doing—especially the further away one is from the flagship. E.g. a line CO may not understand why you need that school, want those words in your FITREP, or need to get FaceTime at the hospital. Or, a new DIR, may not know you well enough to fight for a good ranking, at ranking boards—you have to sell yourself.

    The Navy can be fun. I was the most getting out E5 you’d ever met, when I was a nuke on a sub. Then I met a pilot who liked his job—I thought he was a recruiter and trying to trick me into staying in. If you don’t like your job, change. The Navy lets us change more then most hospitals would.


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