Changes to the TSP L Funds and Finance Friday Articles

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There were a lot of great articles during the last week, so I apologize for the number below, but they are all great reads.

Also of note this week is that it’s time to decide whether you go for the new Blended Retirement System and this Thrift Savings Plan notice:

Changes coming to the Lifecycle (L) Funds — (November 29, 2018) We are planning adjustments to the L Funds in an effort to improve your investment outcomes. Effective in January 2019, we will increase exposure to international stocks (the I Fund) from 30% to 35% of the overall stock allocation in all L Funds. The L Income Fund stock allocation (C, S, and I Funds combined) will increase from 20% to 30% over a period of up to 10 years. The L 2030, L 2040, and L 2050 overall stock allocations will hold steady for a period of years before resuming their transitions from stocks to bonds. In addition to improving investment outcomes, this pause will align the L 2030, L 2040, and L 2050 Funds with the L 2060 Fund, which will be introduced in 2020 with an initial stock allocation of 99%. Visit Lifecycle Funds to learn more.

The L Funds are getting riskier, which is probably a good thing.


Here are this week’s personal finance articles:

2019 Contribution Limits and the Changes Impacting Your Retirement

6 Tips For Those Who Have Enough

7 Behaviors of the Wealthy (and How I Copy Them)

7 Ways To Increase Your Savings Rate

Best Stocks for 2019? Let’s Look At The 2018 Stock Picks First!

Doing Nothing About a Market Decline

Four Reasons To Hire A Financial Advisor

Get Rich With Simplicity

How the Bogle Model Beats the Yale Model

How to Retire Forever on a Fixed Chunk of Money

Physicians Want to Know How to Pay Off Debt Or Invest

Taking Us for Fools

Tax Code Changes You Should Know: What’s New for Homeowners

Tax-Loss Selling: A Silver Lining in Volatile Markets

Three Ways “First, Do No Harm” Applies to Personal Finance

Why You Should Not Give Up On Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Your Household CFO

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