Update on the New Fitrep System

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The Navy released a NAVADMIN on the upcoming revamped fitness report and evaluation system. Here are the highlights:

  • ­The new evaluation system will place emphasis on merit over seniority or tenure. It eliminates forced distribution with relative ranking against peers in categorized groups within a command and instead rates the performance of a Sailor on paygrade­ based objective standards. These standards are captured in trait categories that reflect key attributes of professional competence and character.
  • Sailors are evaluated on value statements within these trait categories using an expanded 9­ point scale for greater accuracy and distinction. The evaluator responds intuitively during a short, timed window when providing a score for each value statement. This approach will apply to both the proposed coaching and evaluation processes.
  • The plan is to introduce this new design concept across the entire Fleet with an updated coaching phase while still using the current fitness report and evaluation system before they transition to the new evaluation process. They will deliver the coaching portion of the new system in mid­-2019 and the evaluation portion soon after.
  • There’s also a PPT slide deck that shows you some screen shots of what the new tool looks like and how it works.

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