How to Encrypt E-mails to a Promotion Board

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Many people who have tried to encrypt their e-mail message to the promotion boards have been frustrated when the encryption was denied by Outlook. Here is the process you need to follow to encrypt e-mails to the promotion board. I found it in the recently updated Officer Record Management document from PERS, which you can find here:

The email account remains available to receive encrypted correspondence to selection boards. The sender must choose to encrypt the email. If the sender is unable to send encrypted email, any sensitive information or PII should be removed. To download the mailbox certificate for encrypted email, users must:

  • Visit
  • Type or in the “Email address” field, then click “Search”
  • Click the “BUPERS” or “CSC” link under “Last Name”
  • Click on the link “Download Certificate(s) as vCard”
  • Click “Software Certificate for” or “Software Certificate for”
  • Click the “Open” button on the File Download pop-up. The certificate will open. Click “Save and Close.”
  • The certificate is then saved to the profile and can be used to send encrypted email.

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