BUMED Policy and Practice Officer – O5/O6

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Billet Title: Policy & Practice Officer, Office of the Medical Corps Chief, BUMED

Location: Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Defense Health Headquarters, Falls Church, VA

Rank: O5/O6

Corps: Medical Corps

Tour Length: 36 months (beginning July 2018)

Billet Description:

Mission:  Direct, design, develop and evaluate all Medical Corps policy initiatives in support of and in continuous alignment with BUMED Strategic Goals. Research and revise policy related to professional practice based upon relevant statutes and regulations on community, regional, and national levels. The effect of this position is far reaching in terms of the sustainment, changing nature, and future growth of the Navy physician community, as well as the successful career development of individual Navy Medical Corps officers.

Functions: Draft, prepare and coordinate routing of policy action packages for the Corps Chief Office. Act as the Medical Corps representative for a variety of committees to include but not limited to National Defense Authorization Act Working Groups, Collaborative Care Board, Master Privilege List Group, Medical Corps Professional Review Case Panel, and Medical Corps Professional Review Board. Coordinate corps specific plans and policy activities with appropriate BUMED Codes. Collaborate and network with Policy and Practice Officers from other corps on enterprise wide policy matters. Manage selection of and communication with Medical Corps specialty leaders, to include coordination of specialty leader business meetings.

Command Relations:  Ability to communicate effectively to a 1 or 2 Star Admiral on a regular basis.

Experience Required: Highly recommended to have:

Knowledge of Department of Defense, Navy, Navy Medical Corps policies and instructions and policies of other Federal entities as needed. Experience with recruitment, retention, and public speaking. Networking skills, written and oral communication skills.

Other:  Time available to perform clinical work at multiple MTFs in the National Capital Region. Time available to travel for CME. TAD travel possible throughout the year for Medical Corps Chief related events.

POC:  For further information about the billet please contact CAPT Christopher Quarles (contact info in the global address book).

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