National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY18 Summary

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Here is a summary of the NDAA for FY18:

FY18 NDAA Fact Sheet

Things of note that are related to Navy Medicine include:

  • Over the last several years, the Department of Defense has expressed concerns that some military officer career management laws were overly restrictive and outdated. The NDAA requires the Department of Defense to conduct a comprehensive review of the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA) and Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act (ROPMA) to identify deficiencies in the law and what steps the Department of Defense can take within existing authorities to improve officer career management. The important analysis required by this report will help inform Congress as to whether DOPMA and ROPMA reform is needed.
  • It continues the important Military Health Systems reform by further clarifying the roles of Commanders or Directors of Military Medical Treatment Facilities and the Service Surgeons General.
  • The report also prohibits the reduction of inpatient care for military Medical Treatment facilities located outside the United States, until a certification is completed ensuring no operational impact for the Geographic Combatant Commander or impact on a beneficiary’s access to the same quality health care currently provided throughout the Military Health System.
  • In addition, the NDAA also provides commonsense resources to help families manage challenges like relocations, permitting the Services to reimburse a service member up to $500 for a spouse’s expenses related to obtaining licensing or certification in another State because of a military move.

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