Call for Nominations – 2018 Military Health System Female Physician Leadership Course

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Background: Previous reviews—to include a 2008 study chartered by Dr. Casscells (Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs – ASD/HA),  demonstrated a relative paucity of senior, female physician leaders (O-6 & above) within the Military Health System (MHS). While the causes are complex and multi-factorial, decreased promotion at the more senior levels and lower retention rates were noted as contributory factors. Leadership programs aimed at deliberately developing women leaders have proven successful in other venues, as it is known that women often experience unique challenges and opportunities in this arena. As a result, the MHS is committed to the deliberate development and mentorship of emerging female physician leaders, and assisting them in acquiring the critical skills and networks needed to be successful both in the near term, and at more senior levels.

This resulted in the development of the MHS Female Physician Leadership Course which is a 2.5 day class which  provides an interactive leadership development opportunity targeted at emerging and prospective mid-level female physician-leaders in the MHS.

Action: Disseminate the request for Navy Medicine nominations for the 2018 MHS Female Physician Leadership Course nominees to the Regions, operational commands and BUMED Codes. Eligible nominees are female Navy physicians at the O-4-select, O-4, or junior O-5 levels (less than 2 years TIG). Navy Reserve Physicians are also eligible. Complete nomination packets are due by 05 JAN 2018. A complete packet will include the nomination form, a 250 word or less letter of endorsement from the nominator and the nominee’s CV.

Deliverable: Completed course nominee packets to LCDR Jami Peterson by COB 05 JAN 2018. Please email the required documents as a single PDF labeled: Last nameFirst initial_Navy_FPLC_18 (example PetersonJ_Navy_FPLC_18)

Lead: LCDR Jami J. Peterson (her contact info is in the global address book)

Due date: January 05, 2018

Additional Information: Here are the course details.

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