Changes Ahead for Navy Personnel System

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Here is a link to a Navy Times article from the Chief of Naval Personnel.  In it, he discusses some changes coming our way.  In my opinion, the ones most likely to affect physicians include:

  • Updated and modern personnel systems – He says, “We are in the process of modernizing our IT infrastructure in preparation for transition to a modern, cloud-based integrated pay and personnel system. This will allow Sailors to conduct all manner of personnel issues, from pay and leave, to interactions with detailers, via modern, easily-accessible and simple to use programs that work on a personal mobile device.”
  • A Detailing Marketplace – The CNP says, “In the coming years, we’re working to implement our “Detailing Marketplace” Fleet-wide, which will allow Sailors to negotiate job assignments directly with gaining commands.”  We actually did a pilot Detailing Marketplace for all 2017 physician assignments in Emergency Medicine.  Will this effort expand beyond our one-time trial/pilot in 2017?  I think that is yet to be determined, but when the CNP is discussing a Detailing Marketplace, it is my opinion that some changes will be coming our way in how physicians are assigned in the Navy.

The CNP wants your feedback on these and other Sailor 2025 initiatives:

“As we go forward, we want Sailors’ input on additional ideas to pursue as part of Sailor 2025. Hearing from you is the best way we can make our policies and systems even better. You have a direct line to me in order to make sure your ideas are heard – send them to:

2 thoughts on “Changes Ahead for Navy Personnel System

    Guest1 said:
    January 25, 2017 at 10:55

    Could you elaborate a bit more with regards to the EM detailing marketplace program and what it would look like if it expanded to all specialties? Just out of curiosity


      Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE responded:
      January 25, 2017 at 12:43

      It was pretty simple. All the available billets were advertised in July to the physicians due to PCS in 2017. They had the chance to contact commands to obtain info, and commands had the option to interview candidates for openings (they were not required to). This month both physicians and commands submitted rank lists, and we used an algorithm similar to the national residency match to match people to billets.


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