Director of Mental Health Position at NMCP – O5/O6

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The Director for Mental Health (DMH) has oversight of a full range of clinical services through two Departments: Mental Health (inpatient and outpatient), and the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP).  The DMH ensures the delivery of high quality and safe mental health care at 11 separate geographic locations that include the Medical Center, 7 branch medical clinics and 3 SARP locations.  Specialty services include Warrior Recovery PTSD and TBI programs, Intensive Outpatient and Crisis Stabilization programs, Child and Family Services, Tele-Behavioral Health Services, Fleet Embedded Mental Health, and Continuing Psychiatric Care for severely mentally ill active duty members receiving a medical board.  The SARP program offers all levels of treatment, and is dual diagnosis capable with 72 beds for residential care.  The 2 Inpatient Psychiatric Wards have a combined 32 inpatient beds and average 136 admissions per month.

The DMH provides operational and strategic oversight for the behavioral health of service members and their families in the Tidewater area and works in close association with medical leaders in the Tidewater Military Health System that includes Fort Eustis, and Langley AFB.  In addition, the DMH continually works to improve the support the Directorate for Mental Health provides to shore and operational commands through assessment, fitness for duty evaluations, treatment, consultation, and education.  Finally, the DMH collaborates with two Program Directors, managing three nationally accredited doctoral-level training programs: a psychiatric residency program, a psychology internship, and a psychology post-doctoral fellowship, and ensures the availability of well-qualified faculty and highly relevant training rotations.

The Directorate staff consists of approximately 360 personnel (active duty, General Schedule, and contractor).  The Director is a full voting member of the Command Executive Board, and participates in the governance of hospital operations. While the DMH position requires full-time participation, it is expected that the Director will be involved on a limited/part-time basis in patient care, typically as a Licensed Independent Practitioner.  The position is open to Navy Medical Department officers of all Corps at the O-5/O-6 level whose professional education and training would place them within the Directorate of Mental Health.  The individual selected will be expected to formally assume the responsibilities of DMH in the summer of 2017. Individuals not already resident in the Tidewater area will need to be available for Permanent Change of Station orders in anticipation of a 3-year assignment.

The preferred candidate must meet the following standards:

  • A track record of broad superior performance in both clinical and leadership positions;
  • Effective interpersonal communication, and collaboration skills;
  • Proven ability to function in operational and academic settings and to guide staff in meeting clinical competency and program accreditation standards;
  • Superior military bearing.

Interested candidates should submit (preferably via e-mail) a letter of intent, CV, BIO, PRIMS Data and Letters of Recommendation (no more than three total)  no later than COB February 03, 2017 to:

CAPT Shannon Johnson, MSC, USN

Director, Mental Health

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

620 John Paul Jones Circle

Portsmouth, VA 23708

(e-mail address is in the global address book)

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