Intern Specialty Leader Position Available – O4-O6

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Navy Medicine Intern Specialty Leader

Remember that “Specialty Leader” has historically led to a promotion to CAPT…

Intern Specialty Leader Position Description

POSITION VACANCY.  The Navy Medicine Intern Specialty Leader (SL) is responsible for the administrative coordination of all Navy Medicine post-graduate year 1 (PGY-1) trainees and reports to the Navy Surgeon General via the Corps Chief’s office. Intern SL is a collateral duty; provider administrative discounts are negotiated at the command level.

LOCATION. Eligible candidates must be assigned or have orders to a CONUS MTF with PGY-1 trainees.

POSITION DESCRIPTION.  Roles and responsibilities of the Intern Specialty Leader include but are not limited to:

  • Provide advice and counsel to Navy Medicine leadership on matters concerning scoring, placement, and training of PGY-1 Graduate Medical Education trainees.
  • Provide expertise for effective policy decisions to support and ensure graduating PGY-1’s are ready to assume the responsibility of serving as a General Medical Officer, Flight Surgeon, or Undersea Medical Officer or enter residency training at the conclusion of PGY-1 training.
  • Collaborate with Specialty Leaders, Navy Graduate Medical Education, BUPERS, Medical Corps Accessions, USU and GME leaders at respective training facilities to ensure a successful PGY-1 Graduate Medical Education Selection Board process.
  • Attend Medical Education Policy Council meetings either in person or via video-teleconference.
  • Mentor medical students and PGY-1’s regarding career opportunities and challenges.
  • As SL, serve as panel chair at Joint Graduate Medical Education Selection Board for Navy Transitional Interns.


  • Board-certified physician with a strong clinical and medical education background. Fleet/operational experience is preferred but not required.
  • Expertise gained through diverse management/leadership positions such as a Division Officer, Department Head, Program Director or Command Intern Advisor.
  • A strong interest in providing advocacy for all Navy PGY-1 programs across Navy Medicine.
  • A working knowledge of Graduate Medical Education administration and a solid understanding of professional development, education and training.
  • A track record of superior performance in previous positions.
  • Excellent military bearing. No recent PFA failures.

Applications are open to qualified Navy Medical Corps (O-4/O-6).  The length of assignment is 36 months with projected selection Dec 2016.  Target interview dates late November, with a decision by December 2016.

Submission packets will include:

(1) Bio

(2) Letter of intent

(3) Curriculum vitae or resume

(4) Performance Summary Record

(5) Officer Summary Record

(4) Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional)

Submit completed package via email to Mr. Rogers Fluellen NLT 07 NOV 2016.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact CAPT Carl Petersen if they have questions about the position.

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