American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Visiting Scholars Program

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Any academics should consider applying for this program.  It is funded by ABMS and would go a long way toward setting you up for a career in academics and research.  It is these kind of things that differentiate you from the pack on FITREPs, when you are competing on a promotion board, and for future career milestones like Program Director or Specialty Leader:

ABMS Visiting Scholars Program

Program Information

Background and Purpose

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Visiting Scholars Program is a one-year, part-time program that is intended to provide exposure to the fields of professional assessment and education, quality improvement (QI), and regulatory policy while promoting research and scholarship in areas related to Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification (MOC)/Continuing Certification (CC) that are important to the ABMS Member Boards Community.

Scholar Benefits

  • Scholars receive support from ABMS leadership to enhance their research projects related to Board Certification and MOC/CC
  • Scholars receive a unique education about current ABMS issues and initiatives through interactive monthly videoconferences and in-person meetings with health care and Member Board Community leaders
  • Scholars receive an introduction to the ABMS Member Boards Community through in-person participation in committee meetings, conferences and forums, and discussions with leadership
  • Scholars are linked to appropriate contacts within ABMS and the Member Boards Community who will assist with the spread and scale of the scholars’ research projects
  • Scholars will have ongoing engagement with the ABMS Member Boards Community through an alumni network

Who Should Apply?

The program is open to junior faculty including assistant professors and instructors, fellows, residents, medical students, public health students, graduate students and PhDs in health services research and other relevant disciplines who are working on or developing a research project related to Board Certification and MOC/CC.


Download the Visiting Scholars brochure to learn more about the program.


Become an ABMS Visiting Scholar


The Visiting Scholars Program is extremely competitive; a well-prepared application and carefully selected references are key components to a successful application.

Download the full application here to review the questions before submitting. Have the following materials prepared before beginning the application process:

  • Your current CV
  • 2 -3 letters of recommendation, specifically at least one from your research mentor and one from your program supervisor

Applications are due by midnight, May 31, 2016.

For questions or concerns, please contact the ABMS Research and Education Foundation at

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