Updated Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Rules

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Here is an article that discusses the new physical fitness assessment (PFA) rules and policy that was release in a NAVADMIN this week.  The changes, effective immediately, include:

  • There is a new body composition assessment (BCA) procedure, which consists of a three-step process.
    • The first measurement uses the current height/weight tables.
    • If an individual fails to meet those standards, a single-site abdominal circumference measurement will be conducted.
    • The final opportunity for Sailors to pass the BCA will be a test using the previous system of neck and waist measurements to calculate body fat percentages.
    • Sailors will pass the BCA by meeting the Depart of Defense maximum allowable body fat limit of less than or equal to 26 percent for males or 36 percent for females.
  • If you are medically cleared to take the physical readiness test (PRT) you must participate in the test regardless of your BCA results.
  • You will face separation from the Navy if you fail two PFAs in a three-year period.
  • Commanding Officers are now empowered to conduct BCA spot check programs to ensure Sailors are staying within standards. This moves the Navy beyond a two-test-a-year system by giving commands the ability to identify Sailors in need of additional support without subjecting them to administrative punishments that result from an actual BCA/PRT failure.

Additional info can be found at this 21st Century Sailor site.

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