Senior Detailer Position – CAPT/CAPT(s) Only

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This in an announcement to all O-6 Medical Corps officers eligible to transfer in summer 2016.  O-6 Selects must be an O-6 at the time of their PCS.

The Senior MC Detailer will be transferring and needs to find a suitable replacement to fill this high profile and demanding  job.  PERS prefers officers who have been in overseas and operational billets during their careers.  You must be a good communicator, mentor, and listener.  All specialties are eligible.  You cannot have a history of PRT failure within last 3 years, and typically it is 2 year assignment with an option to extend.

Duties include:

  • Head of Medical Corps Assignments (>3700 officers).
  • Oversee two O5 detailers and one LCDR detailer.
  • PERS advisor to the GME Selection Board.
  • Surgical Subspecialties Detailer – work closely with Specialty Leaders and Placement to detail > 700
  • MC Executive Medicine Detailer – work closely with the Medical Corps Chiefs Office to screen, coordinate and write orders for MC Executive Medicine candidates.
  • Promotion Board Nominations – select MC officers to sit on boards as Recorders and Voting Members.
  • Numerous other duties involving special nominative billets, special projects, and point papers.
  • Daily interactions with Corps Chief Office and BUMED

The position involves a good lifestyle and excellent command environment.  There is a Primary Care Clinic available on base for part-time work.  Moonlighting opportunities are available in the community.

Contact your Detailer if you are interested.

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