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My Guest Post About the Blended Retirement System on the White Coat Investor

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Here’s a link to my guest post on the White Coat Investor about the new Blended Retirement System:

The Military’s New Blended Retirement System

Doximity Physician Compensation Report

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I recently came across the Doximity 2017 Physician Compensation Report, which you might find interesting. We all get out of the Navy, it is just a question of when.


PoF Blog Post – Financial Implications of Leaving a Military Medicine Position

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One of my readers pointed me to this blog post on Physician on Fire, which many of you will find interesting:

Financial Implications of Leaving a Military Medicine Position

If you’d like my own thoughts on the value of a military pension, you can read them here:

How Valuable is a Military Pension?

BRS and HPSP Students & New End-of-the Month Personal Finance Summary

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We’re all starting to get pinged about the mandatory Blended Retirement System (BRS) training. While I’ve created a BRS resource center on the other blog I write for, the specific case of how BRS works for medical students was recently run to ground by Dr. Jami Peterson, the Head of Student Programs at BUMED. Straight from her, the BLUF is:

Any HPSP student who signed their contract BEFORE 01 JAN 2018 will have thirty days after signing into their FIRST active duty station to declare if they want to do the legacy retirement system OR the blended retirement system. For any students who start AFTER 01 JAN 2018 will automatically be placed in the blended retirement.

I’m also going to start providing an end-of-the-month summary of the personal finance articles I’ve written. Here they are:

2018 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Contribution Limits Announced

Invest in Stock and Bond Index Funds or ETFs

Make an Intelligent Rent vs Buy Real Estate Decision

Saving and Investing for Military Personnel by the SEC

Three Things Every Young Medical Student and Physician Needs to Know – Part 1

Three Things Every Young Medical Student and Physician Needs to Know – Part 2