Back Dated Special Pay Requests Due 3 DEC

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Here are some bullets about the recently released pay plan from the Medical Corps Chief’s Office:

  • Eligible members have until 3 Dec 2022 to be able to submit requests effective for 1 Oct 2022 without having to use the retroactive templates.  Any request submitted and dated on, or after, 4 Dec 2022 for an effective date more than 30 days prior will be required to use the retroactive templates.
  • BUMED cannot guarantee pay before end of year tax cutoff for an acceptance letter received on, or after, 1 December 2022.  If received after 1 December for an effective date in calendar year 2022, and it does not get paid in tax year 2022, then the member could receive two payments in tax year 2023.
  • Additional guidance can be found at the BUMED Special Pays webpage 
  • Contact your local special pays representative with processing questions.

One thought on “Back Dated Special Pay Requests Due 3 DEC

    drblain said:
    November 8, 2022 at 12:04

    CAPT, special pays works great EXCEPT for Navy Reserve O-6 Family Medicine 🙂 V/r, CAPT Blain


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