Tell Your Story Recruiting Opportunity

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Navy Recruiting Command is looking for individuals to tell their story to help us recruit medical students and other medical professionals…

HPSP Physician Digital brochure

HPSP video on YouTube

Participants would need to be willing to have a small production team film them at work and at home.  We sometimes include traveling to service members hometowns to build the back story.  Though it may seem intrusive or uncomfortable, but our mission is to tell the participants story from their perspective.  There are so many people that have no idea that Navy offers more opportunities that just a job or career.  We need to tell these stories, but we can only do it when people volunteer.  Don’t dismiss this opportunity, you may be the story we need to tell.  

Sample Faces of the Fleet episodes:

Infectious Disease Dr. Nekonti Adams

Nurse Ashley Flynn

Healthcare Admin Diana Tran-Yu

The non-medical episode mentioned during the call

Please contact Michelle Lee with questions:

E. Michelle Lee

Advertising Program Manager – Officer Programs

M&A Plans Division – N92

Marketing & Advertising Department – N9

Navy Recruiting Command

Millington, TN 

elsie.m.lee10.civ < at >


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