NMFDC October Newsletter

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Happy Halloween! On behalf of the Naval Medical Force Development Center (NMFDC), please see the attached October 2022 NMFDC Newsletter.

This month’s newsletter: 

  • Features information on the way ahead for closing data gaps, specifically “reps and sets” in the Naval Medical Readiness Criteria (NMRC).
  • Highlights key takeaways and next steps from the recent NMFDC site visit to Norfolk, VA.
  • Presents the NMFDC “Graphic of the Month” on the High Reliability Organization principle of “Reluctance to Simplify.”
  • Provides an NMRC Fast Fact Sheet, which supplies overview information on the NMRC for easy reference.
  • Recognizes the establishment of the United States Navy on 13 October 1775 (Happy 247th Birthday!).

Please feel free to share this newsletter with other relevant Navy Medicine stakeholders and those interested in the NMFDC’s efforts.  

Very Respectfully,  

The Naval Medical Force Development Center 

3 thoughts on “NMFDC October Newsletter

    Jenner Gibson said:
    November 1, 2022 at 02:09

    Good morning CAPT Schofer,

    Hope your day is beginning well. I’m a family doc in Naples, and my wife Amanda is due in late January. Per the 2022 NDAA, 12 weeks of secondary caregiver leave is supposed to take effect by December 27th 2022 (1 year to the day after President Biden signed it into law). However, the instruction was last updated in February 2022 (increasing secondary caregiver leave to 3 weeks from 2 weeks). Do you know who I should speak with in regards to when the instruction will be updated to reflect the new changes?

    I really appreciate any guidance you can provide, and I know that you are very busy.

    https://www.brinkleylawfirmllc.com/ndaa-parental-leave-for-service-members/#:~:text=Under%20the%202022%20NDAA%2C%20the,long%2Dterm%20foster%20care%20placement .

    Very respectfully, LCDR Gibson

    Jenner Gibson LCDR, MC, USN Family Physician Capodichino Clinic


      Joel Schofer, MD, MBA, CPE responded:
      November 1, 2022 at 09:10

      No clue. Sorry. You could call the My Navy Career Center and ask, or you could contact the MC Chief’s Office. They might be able to look into it. CDR Jennifer Eng-Kulawy is the MC Policy/Practice Officer (contact in the global).


        Jenner Gibson said:
        November 1, 2022 at 10:34

        Very much appreciated, sir. I will reach out to CDR Eng-Kulawy as you suggest.


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