CNO’s Get Real Get Better Message/Video

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Today, I am releasing a video to highlight our progress toward the Get Real Get Better rollout to Navy triads this fall, and to reinforce the importance of this upcoming training.

In January, I introduced the Get Real Get Better call to action to accelerate our warfighting advantage, in concert with a new Charge of Command.

Driven by the need to unlock the full potential of our Navy, Get Real Get Better (GRGB) brings consistency to the mindset practiced by our best Navy leaders today.

GRGB is the standard for how we expect commanders to lead and solve problems.

Over the past year, we infused GRGB into the senior levels of our Navy, establishing how every Flag Officer and member of the Senior Executive Service should lead at every level.

We’re ready now to share these expectations with our front-line commanders, the COs, XOs, Senior Enlisted Leaders and Civilian Directors who are the cornerstone of our naval power today.

Below is a link to a video message to Navy leaders, targeting our command triads from Echelon I to Echelon V. The video introduces the Get Real Get Better leadership standard that we expect every Navy leader to adopt: act transparently, focus on what matters most, and build learning teams.

Forward this e-mail down to your subordinate commanders, all the way to Echelon V, to start a conversation about what it means to be a Navy leader in Strategic Competition, and how we as a Service must change.

In your regular meetings with your subordinate commanders, I encourage you to watch this video together. The video’s message is powerful, and commander-to-commander conversations amplify it.

Our Fall rollout will center on commander-to-commander conversations as the key to bringing alive the GRGB leadership standard in a way that our leaders fully understand, and to make clear your expectations.

Through the next year, we’ll focus on the long overdue personnel and education reforms needed to develop and reward leaders not only for the outcomes they achieve, but also for the cultures and teams they build by embracing the GRGB leadership standard.

My strategy for cultural renovation begins with us, the Flag Officers and SES who lead our subordinate Commanders and Sailors.

Let’s commit to this mission together.

VR Mike

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