Intermediate Executive Skills Course (IESC) – October 17-20, 2022 (Virtual)

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Who:  MHS personnel serving in an intermediate-level leadership position within a DHA MTF

What:  JMESI Intermediate Executive Skills Course (IESC) (Medical Corps is limited to 7-8 seats)

When:  October 17-20, 2022 (Virtual)

Where: JKO online modules and virtual platform learning with instructors located at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, Texas

Course Description:  The Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute Intermediate Executive Skills Course (JMESI-IES) provides education and training on leadership and management skills necessary to successfully serve in an intermediate-level leadership position within a DHA medical treatment facility (MTF).  The course is designed to facilitate the attainment of selected Joint Medical Executive Skills core competencies as identified by a Tri-Service review board of MHS senior leaders.  The course consists of 11 web-based training (WBT) modules available through Joint Knowledge Online ( followed by a 4-day live, web-based video conference course hosted on Adobe Connect or MS Teams.

More information here:–JMESI/Intermediate-Executive-Skills

Prospective applicants should send name, position title, work address, and work/cell phone to CAPT Rhett Barrett (contact in the global) NLT 1200 Friday, July 22, 2022.

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