Systems Issues Affecting Record Updates and New Way to Add Degrees to Your OSR

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Thanks to all those who contacted me about this issue. This blog and the Promo Prep are truly crowdsourced. Here is the update from PERS:

“Due to recent NSIP/NES/OPINS server issues OSR/ODC updates are not happening until these issues are resolved. There is no estimated repair date at that this time. Any transcript sent since May 2021 is likely to not reflect until this issue is cleared. Please allow additional time for any education updates to reflect while techs continue to troubleshoot, contact MNCC for any updates, and submit Letters to Board if your OSR/ODC hasn’t updated. Please contact My Navy Career Center at or 1-833-330-6622 for routine business. This includes all matters with transcripts (with the exception of Navy-sponsored programs) and simple education record corrections.”

My takeaways:

  • If you can’t fix your record, don’t be surprised.
  • If you can’t fix your record, send a letter to the board.
  • In order to add degrees to your Officer Summary Record (OSR), send them to the My Navy Career Center (not the Joint Transcript Center). The instructions can be found on this page.

I’ll update the Promo Prep document as soon as I can, probably this weekend.

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