Update on Basic Readiness Officer Course (BROC)

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BLUF – You can still apply for AROC without completing BROC because it is not completely done/available yet.

BROC (the artist formerly known as Basic Medical Department Officer Course or BMDOC) has been partially updated:

Use the course numbers listed in the Search Engine to locate the course at Navy e-Learning. Currently only modules 1 and 2 have been confirmed at accessible. Because it is not complete, people are still allowed to apply for the Advanced Readiness Officer Course or AROD (the artict formerly known as AMDOC). All 4 modules are due to be completed by Dec 2021.

I’d direct any questions to the JMESP Website (https://jmesp.med.navy.mil/home) or via e-mail to usn.bethesda.navmedprodevctrmd.list.nmpdc-jmesp@mail.mil.

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