Graduate Medical Education Note/Goals and Operational Community Info

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Here is the GME BUMED Note as well as the by site selection goals. Please disseminate far and wide!

Most importantly, just because there is not an initial training goal does not mean people should not apply. If an applicant wants to do something not on the initial goals, they should still apply. The world in March when we started this plan will be different than the one in November when we execute it.

Note that this is the beginning of our 5-year march to straight-through GME as most specialties will be offering some straight-through training opportunities to medical students.

Also, because medical students will be deciding whether or not they want to apply for straight-through training vs doing an internship and then an operational tour, we created this PDF guide to the various operational communities:

This content will eventually be on a public facing website, but that process has been slower than we’d like, so the PDF will serve as a bridge until the site is ready.

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