AMSUS Annual Awards Program

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BLUF:  AMSUS – The Society of Federal Health Professionals honors the contributions of outstanding federal healthcare professionals each year through the Awards Program.  The awards are presented during the Association’s Annual Continuing Education Meeting at its Annual Banquet.  Each recipient will be presented their award personally by the leadership of their agency and the AMSUS Executive Director.  We strongly encourage nominations of deserving individuals for these awards.

This year’s Awards Program has 15 competitive award categories, including individual professional awards and functional mission awards. Nominations are open to any federal healthcare worker from the Army, Navy, Air Force, USPHS, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and the Uniformed Services University.

There is also an opportunity to nominate deserving individuals from your agency in these three premiere award categories:

• Rising Star Award

• Innovator Award

• Lifetime Achievement Award

The nomination process takes place electronically through the AMSUS website:

Nominations will be accepted 1 June – 3 September 2021. The deadline will not be extended. All nominations must be submitted in the online submission portal.  Complete information on submitting a nomination is included in the attachment. There is no cap on the number of nominations that may be submitted.  Following submission to AMSUS, the candidate packages will be forwarded for SG endorsement.

POC is CDR Tai Do, BUMED AMSUS Coordinator (contact in the global).

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