Faculty Application for Operation Bushmaster Spring 2021

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Here is the e-mail for those interested:

Good afternoon everyone – and happy new year!

It is finally time to recruit faculty for Spring Bushmaster at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania – this pandemic-friendly version will replace our postponed October 2020 activity.  Things will look very different this year – please keep reading to see what is new, what we need and learn how you can participate.  Please reply before 20 January 2021.

Concept for 2021:

This year, our students will be in the field for 48 hours in small squads (~ 8 students/squad).  They will remain in the field for 9 total leadership cycles, each serving as the Platoon Leader, Surgeon and Ambulance Team Leader.  The assigned faculty will remain with the students for the entire 48 hour period. A small group of first year medical students (~7 students) will be attached to each squad and role play all of the patients for the 48 hour period.  This version is designed to isolate each group of students and avoid mixing of students and faculty between groups. There will be 6 squads in the field during each iteration, for a total of 24 student squads during Bushmaster.

Dates:  Students will begin at 1200 on Day 1 (faculty must arrive by 1000) and will finish at 1200 on Day 3.

Iteration 1: 28 April – 30 April

Iteration 2: 30 April – 2 May

Iteration 3: 2 May – 4 May

Iteration 4: 4 May – 6 May

**Because there is limited downtime in this schedule, I do not recommend that any faculty work consecutive iterations. The schedule allows off-time from 2230 until operations begin at 0600 the following morning.  I am happy to have folks work Iteration 1 & 3 or Iteration 2 & 4 with a rest day in between

New this year:

– 4 faculty members per student squad (Leadership, Surgeon, Ambulance Team Leader, Casualty Coach)

– Faculty will sleep in the field, MREs, latrines, no faculty turnover/off-time

– Iterations will last for 48 hours (with sleep time built in for 2 nights)

– Iterations will begin on Day 1 at noon and end on Day 3 at noon.  Faculty will report to Fort Indiantown Gap by 1000 on Day 1.

– 1 faculty member will support the MS1 role players (7-8 students portraying all patients)

– There will be no in-person village visit, vehicle movements, large MASCAL

– There will be no moulage tent – role players will apply small amounts of moulage to themselves; no shared application equipment

– No dedicated student roles of Preventive Medicine Officer or Behavioral Health Officer – these roles will be integrated into the Surgeon role- Faculty Training will occur remotely on 21 April 2021 using online videos and live discussions.  It will last for one half day.  Please plan to attend.  Indicate your preference for timing on the Google Form when you apply.

COVID Mitigation Strategies:

– Student/faculty teams will remain intact – no new personnel in or out of the cohort

– All personnel will undergo COVID testing (at USU) before arrival at the field setting – details TBD

– All personnel will wear PPE during interactions within 6 feet of one another (gloves, face masks, eye protection)

– All shared equipment will be sanitized during each leadership cycle (3-4 hour period).  Students will sanitize and reset their equipment for the next group.

– Personnel who are at high risk of complications from COVID should consider skipping Bushmaster this spring

– To reduce the need for commercial travel, we prefer faculty who can travel from driving distance of Pennsylvania.  If you reside outside of this area but would still like to participate, please apply anyway (I do not know if we have enough faculty in the local area)

– While we are hopeful that the majority of participants and support personnel at Spring Bushmaster will be vaccinated against COVID-19 before April 2021, vaccination status will not change the COVID mitigation strategies outlined above.  

If you are interested in applying to serve as a faculty member this year – please sign up via this Google Form: 

Operation Bushmaster Faculty Application Spring 2021

Please respond before 20 January 2021.

Finally – mark your calendars for our regularly scheduled Bushmaster in October (9-13 October 2021 and 18-22 October 2021).  Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues who would serve well as Bushmaster faculty.  Also, if you would like me to remove you from my mailing list, please let me know. 
Thank you all for your support of Operation Bushmaster – particularly in our new format.
Wishing you all well in 2021,


Leslie Vojta, MD, FACEP

Lt Col, USAF, MC

Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director

Operation Bushmaster (MFP202) Academic Director

Department of Military and Emergency Medicine

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

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