Opportunities to Go Operational with Flight Surgery or Undersea Medicine

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The missing piece in people’s records, and an increased focus in Navy Medicine, is often operational experience. Residency trained physicians DO NOT need to apply through the GME Selection Board to join the ranks of Flight Surgery or Undersea Medicine. Here are messages from those Specialty Leaders that tell people how to inquire about opportunities…


Undersea Medicine


The Undersea Medical Community has over 100 billets. Approximately 1/3 of the billets turnover every year. In addition to the billets for Lieutenants, there are many opportunities for Lieutenant Commanders, Commanders and Captains. There are billets with operational units, at research commands, and in BSO-18 facilities; CONUS and overseas.

If you are interested in an experience that is truly unique to Navy Medicine, please contact the Undersea Medicine

Specialty Leader.


James J. Mucciarone, MD, CPE


Undersea Medicine Specialty Leader

james dot mucciarone < at > navy dot mil


Flight Surgery

For those individuals with previous experience as a Flight Surgeon, there are opportunities to return to the Fleet in an operational capacity. Job opportunities for senior officer’s with the USMC as a MAG Surgeon will be available and unaccompanied overseas tours typically come up yearly. Positions as a SMO on an aircraft carrier are possible on a case by case basis for non-Aerospace trained physicians who meet requirements

For those who have not been a Flight Surgeon, the training program is still open to those who physically qualify. Flight Surgery training in Pensacola for 6 months would be followed by a Fleet tour with the USMC or Navy. More information can be found on the NMOTC Website:


Please contact me if you have any questions.

CDR Robert J. Krause, MD, MPH, CIME

Specialty Leader – Aerospace Medicine and Flight Surgery

SMO < at > CVN74 dot navy dot mil

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