NCC Program Director Search – Orthopaedic Surgery

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Here is the announcement/recruitment letter for the Program Director position for the NCC Orthopaedic Surgery Residency.

The memorandum to the Surgeons General requests the widest dissemination of the announcement to ensure that all physicians desiring an assignment as a Program Director have the opportunity to apply.

Here also is the DoD Policy and Selection Criteria for GME Program Directors, as well as the ACGME requirements for this position.

Please note:    Applicants are required to submit a bio in addition to CV and letter of intent, NLT 1 Nov 2019, to CDR Melissa Austin (contact in the global). Applications should have concurrence from their Detailer and Specialty Leader.

An applicant’s CV must include a section about faculty development activities that they have done.

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate at least 3 years of documented education and/or administrative experience, as well as ongoing clinical activity in the (sub)specialty for which they are applying.

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate current board certification in the (sub)specialty in which they are applying.   Current medical licensure must also be documented on the CV.

An applicant’s CV must demonstrate current ongoing scholarly activity.

The Letter of intent must include the candidate’s level of commitment to GME and the Program Director position, including the number of years they are willing to serve, and that if selected, that they will accept the position.  This program is 6 years in length.

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