Government Sponsor, Health Outcomes Research Center of Excellence, NMC Portsmouth – O4-O6

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NMCP is seeking candidates to assume the position of Government Sponsor for the Health Outcomes Research Centers of Excellence (HORCE). This is a is a collaborative healthcare research partnership between the United States Department of Defense Military Health System (DOD) and Health ResearchTx LLC (HRTX) that was established in 2010. The primary aims of the HORCE program are to:

  • Improve health outcomes
  • Advance patient safety
  • Increase force readiness
  • Lower healthcare costs

HORCE seeks to advance the goals of military medicine while also improving healthcare across the United States. To do this, HORCE leverages the power of the DOD to perform collaborative healthcare studies across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas with the best medical minds from the DOD and civilian worlds. This also highlights DOD medical leadership to a broader audience in the civilian world and affords research opportunity via a public-private partnership, with a HRTX who provides funding for the program while DOD provides in-kind expertise and facility access. Over time, this model has delivered significant benefits to DOD at little or no cost.

The role of the Government Sponsor is to advise and facilitate adherence to DOD guidelines, ethics and good research practices. Additionally, the incumbent will serve as the government subject matter expert to recruit active duty medical officers and graduate medical education trainees to participate in novel research while proactively following DOD requirements.

The position is open to faculty at the 04 to 06 level, all Corps. Anticipated time commitment is equivalent to 0.05-0.1 FTE.  The preferred candidate will have the following attributes:

  1. Experience and familiarity in the conduct of clinical and outcomes research, government research protections, policy and appropriations.
  2. A track record of broad superior performance in both clinical and leadership positions.
  3. Significant interpersonal, communicative, and collaborative skills.
  4. Superior military bearing.
  5. Understanding of operational settings and understand operational imperatives.
  6. Be available to turnover in the MARCH-APRIL 2019.

Applications are due by 15 FEB and the application details are in this announcement.

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